Vision Direct Cleverly Uses Marketing Blunder To Shape Its 2018 Campaign

Vision Direct Cleverly Uses Marketing Blunder To Shape Its 2018 Campaign

Aussie designer glasses e-commerce company Vision Direct has utilised a design oversight on its packaging to shape the messaging and strategy for its anchor campaign for 2018.

The ‘Shade Yourself’ campaign is primarily based on encouraging Vision Direct customers to protect their eyes during the summer months.

As part of the campaign mechanic and communication channel, Vision Direct developed its packaging design to coincide with the campaign by offering a 10 per cent discount code to be redeemed against the customer’s next purchase.

Due to an oversight by one of the designers, the placeholder “Change this” text where the discount code was supposed to go wasn’t edited. This resulted in 10,000 boxes being printed with the copy error included.

Vision Direct #changethis campaign

After an initial panic, the in-house team quickly realised that it actually made perfect sense – ‘Change This’ outlined exactly what the campaign message was: to encourage the public to change their normal summer habits by motivating them to ‘change this’ to protect themselves during summer.

Vision Direct selected Wotnot, an Aussie eco-friendly sun screen brand as an ideal partner for the ‘Shade Yourself’ campaign to encourage behaviour change towards healthier choices when it comes to sun exposure across Australia.

Ruth Cuadrado, chief marketing officer at Vision Direct, said: ‘For what could’ve been a marketing disaster, the internal team at Vision Direct proved that we’re resilient and are able to think on our feet and look at the bigger picture.

“The ‘Shade Yourself’ campaign has a strong message at the heart of this, and ‘Change This’ only further reinforces this behavioural change messaging.

“Selecting Wotnot as a partner for this campaign as two Australian founded companies join efforts to raise awareness and promote sun protection.”

Vision Direct and Wotnot are calling on all Aussies to pledge to #changethis to ensure that they’re safe in the sun this summer.

Australians are being encouraged to upload their pledge for 2018 to encourage their peers to make a positive change towards sun safety.

Wotnot will also be offering all Vision Direct customers a massive 30 per cent discount on all of its product range throughout the summer campaign.

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