Victorian Government Launches VR Bushfire Experience Via The Fuel Agency

Victorian Government Launches VR Bushfire Experience Via The Fuel Agency

As part of its summer fire campaign, the Victorian government has launched a virtual reality (VR) bushfire experience and content series via The Fuel Agency.

The VR experience places the user in the midst of a large bushfire, and is designed to encourage people to leave early on high-risk days before it’s too late.

The immersive experience gives the user the choice to evacuate, take shelter or defend against a rapidly approaching fire, and will be travelling around the state as part of regional cinema pop-up events.

In addition, all Victorians can try the experience via YouTube and via a Facebook 360 video.

As part of the summer campaign, which also includes three new TVCs, outdoor, radio and digital, The Fuel Agency has produced a content series with the assistance of the CSIRO Bushfire Behaviour and Risks team.

Building on Fuel’s ‘The Reasons are Black and White’ launch campaign, the ‘Facts of Fire’ series explores the serious dangers Victorians face annually from fire, including ember attack, spot fires, radiant heat, wind speed, and grassfires.

Victorian government’s emergency management commissioner Craig Lapsley said: “We don’t want people to experience a fire in reality. What we want them to do is learn from the experience of fire, so the VR option is a fantastic way of doing that.”

Lapsley said that while many Victorians have an idea of what they’ll do in the case of a bushfire, effectively putting that plan into action can be incredibly difficult once a fire actually arrives, due to stress and changing conditions.

“People who choose to stay and defend their properties should be aware of what they will face”, he said.


Creative agency: The Fuel Agency

CEO: Tim Kidman

Creative director: Ben Growns

Production: Adam O’Neill

Designer: Sebastian Sarria

Account management: Faith Campbell

Production company: Accordion Productions

Account director: Adam Litchfield

Producer: Greg Toolen

Director: Eugene Perepletchikov

Director of production: Simon Davies

Audio post-production: Paul Baxter

VR developer: Oceanic Studios

Beau Barnett: co-founder

Client: Department of Justice and Regulation (Victorian government)

Senior campaign adviser: Nicholas Carrington

Campaign adviser: Jessica O’Brien


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