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Urban List Launches Always-On Sustainability Commitment With Bank Australia

Urban List Launches Always-On Sustainability Commitment With Bank Australia

2020 will mark the first decline in carbon emissions in more than a decade and Urban List is committed to ensuring this corona-linked silver lining is here to stay.

The publisher today revealed their new platform, Urban Sustainability, in partnership with Bank Australia, committing to equip their 3 million-strong audience with the intel they need to have a positive impact — on people and on the planet; with content and conversations that encourage social, cultural and environmental sustainability.

“We have all seen incredible imagery of the reduction in emissions internationally, and together with Bank Australia, we want to ensure pre-COVID pollution levels are a thing of the past — supporting our audience through their own sustainability journey, ensuring each step in the right direction is celebrated and this mindset becomes a way of life,” said Urban List Sustainability Editor, Anna Franklyn.

“It’s not about sweeping, unsustainable changes or the notion of perfection; but rather working together to reduce the gap between intention and action, making sure our audience knows it’s better to make small, imperfect changes than to take no action at all.”

Urban List is proud to name Bank Australia as their launch partner — well-known for their long-standing commitment delivering positive economic, social, environmental and cultural impact through their operations and investments.

Bank Australia’s Head of Strategy and Communications, Fiona Nixon, is also eager to see the platform live, having a positive impact on the lives of millions of Australians.

“The finance sector is among the greatest contributors to fossil fuels in Australia and globally. Urban List Sustainability represents a great opportunity to educate about clean money, the positive impact banks can choose to have on the environment and also highlight the work people from all sectors are doing for a sustainable future,” Fiona said.

“We believe in using the business of banking to see Australians thrive in a fair, just and progressive society, share in a sustainable economy, and live in a safe and healthy environment. We are always excited to work with like-minded partners like Urban List, with such well-aligned values and beliefs.”

The platform follows the success of Urban List’s 2019 Challenge For Change in which 27,000 consumers, and more than 50 of Australia’s media agencies, participated in a four-week challenge to reduce their eco impact — actionable tips designed to educate, engage and ultimately improve their carbon footprint.

Nine months on and Urban List has committed to making sustainability an always-on content priority with fresh editorial, video and social content each month designed to drive change; along with the company’s own commitment to become carbon neutral within two years.



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