Newly Named Newspaper ‘The Uranus Examiner’ Set To Be Butt Of Reader’s Jokes

Newly Named Newspaper ‘The Uranus Examiner’ Set To Be Butt Of Reader’s Jokes

When your town’s name is Uranus it’s always going to throw-up a few problems in the translation.

And that’s exactly what’s happened to the small country town named after the planet in Pulaski County in Missouri, USA.

Stuck for a name for its brand new local newspaper, editors decided upon the rather provocative title The Uranus Examiner. Yes, this is a true story.

The new newspaper came into being after Uranus locals’ only other form of news, the Waynesville Daily Examiner, was forced to close the printing presses.

However, some are none too happy about The Uranus Examiner’s connotative name. Local mayor, Mrs Luge Hardman, commented: “No. I’m sorry. But the innuendo of that title puts the city up for public ridicule.”

Even a rival publication chimed in. Editor of the nearby Pulaski County News, Darrell Todd Maurina, said: “That name does not indicate a serious newspaper.”

Not that Uranus Examiner’s editors were having any of its competitor’s barbs. Uranus‘ managing editor, Natalie Sanders, said the newspaper wasn’t playing for laughs and the title had been carefully considered. “It’s a serious newspaper. No one’s going to forget this name. I’m sorry but we’re not changing the name,” Sanders said.

The first issue of The Uranus Examiner is yet to roll of the presses, however, Sanders has confirmed it will be a free weekly and distributed to Uranus’ 15,000 residents. The first edition is expected some time in late October and is set to get to the bottom of the news.

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