Uber Gate Mark III: Sophie Monk Takes Swipe At Karl During Awkward Interview

Uber Gate Mark III: Sophie Monk Takes Swipe At Karl During Awkward Interview

The infamous phone call between the Stefanovic brothers continues to garner media attention, with Sophie Monk now jumping on the ‘drag Karl in public’ bandwagon.

During an interview on this morning’s Today Show, where winds battered the makeshift, beachside studio, Monk bragged to Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner about the quick arrival of her Uber getting to the interview.

Jokingly commenting on the ferocious winds and rain, Stefanovic said, “There’s a lot to be thankful for on the Gold Coast!”

To which Monk immediately replied, “Yeah, and do you know what I noticed? There’s no traffic! My Uber got here in like four seconds!”

Adding, “I didn’t say anything in the Uber though!”

While Stefanovic remained awkwardly silent, Gardner stepped in with, “Are you sure?”

Stefanovic finally added, “You never know, you do like talking!”

Unable to stop, Monk continued, “I know, I’ve stopped since that whole thing (Ubergate), because I b**ch too much!”

The entire exchange was painful to watch, not helped by the winds ripping through the set, with both Stefanovic and Gardner, as well as Monk, donning blankets throughout the interview to shield themselves from the weather.

The brothers have both admitted and apologised for the Uber conversation in which they attacked their Nine colleagues and lambasted senior management.

Apparently, the conversation took place – via speakerphone – when the two had been returning from drinking at a barbecue. Karl has reportedly threatened to sue Uber over the incident.

Initially, the driver claimed he’d taped the conversation between the two and then pitched the recording to media agencies.

He later denied the existence of any recording as it would have been illegal. The driver later signed a statutory declaration with New Idea that said there was no recording and the articles were written solely on his recollection of events in the car from a fortnight ago.

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