Twitter Travel Conversations Are Up 53% YoY. Here’s How Brands Can Capitalise

Twitter Travel Conversations Are Up 53% YoY. Here’s How Brands Can Capitalise
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New research from Twitter has revealed Australians are eager to itch the travel bug.

So much so that travel conversations on the platform are up 53 per cent YoY, with Australia ranking the highest by far compared to any other countries.

With consumers going to extreme lengths to feel like they are travelling—think #fakeplanechallenge or #flighttonowhere—pandemic-induced travel restrictions have only heightened the desire for wanderlust-fuelled Australians to get their kicks elsewhere, Twitter said.

These kicks have come in the form of staycations. Unsurprisingly, there’s been a dramatic rise in Aussies taking ‘holistays’ in the past 12 months, taking trips locally or participating in local leisure activities.

But most interestingly, 70 per cent of Aussies on Twitter who have staycationed this year have done so to support the local economy. At a time when our nation is bouncing back from a recession, supporting the local economy has never been more important, Twitter said.

Twitter Australia’s sales director, Vanessa Jones, said now is the time for brands to be talking about travel.

“With a huge number of Aussies reminiscing on past holidays, planning forward looking trips and sharing thoughts on recent staycations—it’s a hot topic of conversation,” Jones said in a statement.

“If we focus on the latter point, whether it be brands such as Airbnb and Escape pivoting into more local territory to showcase alternative accommodation ideas whilst borders have remained closed, or Queensland Museum promoting a day out at the World Science Festival Brisbane, brands are offering ways for Aussies to make the most out local tourist options.”

Jones added that brands like Tourism Australia, Destination NSW and Destination Gold Coast have all leveraged this, “giving consumers a taste of what they can experience in their own backyard”.

“The clever use of quintessentially Aussie animals such as Kangaroos and ‘bin chickens’ (with a hint of currently-SA residing Zac Efron) cements the idea of being proud to be Aussie, resonating with consumers and making these campaigns culturally relevant,” Jones said.

“Through promoting the local economy, these brands are aligning with consumers’ values and tapping into the real-time travel talk we’re seeing on the platform.

“As the trans-Tasman travel bubble nears and Kiwi’s and Aussies rush to renew their passports, the desire for travel is reaching fever pitch. Brands across the board have shown their agility to adapt and reach audiences—even in the most uncertain of situations—and by tapping into this travel talk, they’ll be in good stead to reach a growing, hungry to holiday audience.”

Jones’ comments came shortly after it was revealed that two-way trans-Tasman travel between Australia and New Zealand will begin in mid-April, as reported by B&T‘s sister-publication, Travel Weekly. 

Featured image source: Tourism Whitsundays/James Vodicka

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