Twitter Launches Promoted Moments With NAB To Celebrate 2016 AFL Season

Twitter Launches Promoted Moments With NAB To Celebrate 2016 AFL Season

Twitter Australia is the fourth market globally and the first in the APAC region to incorporate Promoted Moments into the lightning tab Twitter Moments. The first Promoted Moments is quintessentially Australian, the celebration that Footy is back with National Australia Bank (NAB). Twitter Australia’s brand strategist Grant Baxter and NAB’s chief marketing officer Andrew Knott discuss the new Promoted Moment feature and what this means for brands in Australia.

Twitter Australia launched Moments early in March. Unlike the Twitter Timeline which is curated by the user- who they follow, trends which interest them- Moments highlights the best bits which users might miss. The tab is designed to create a narrative around an event or a conversation.

The Promoted Moment will be second place in the main ‘today’ homepage for 24 hours, as well as a Promoted Trend on the timeline. There will only ever be one Promoted Moment on the page, giving one brand 100 per cent share of the voice and brand positioning on Moments.

“Promoted Moments will allow brands to use that content as well. Promoted Moments gives a brand the opportunity to tell a story, a lot of brands talk about this idea of story-telling outside of social media,” Baxter told B&T.

“I think it gives brands the opportunity to do that, to have control over a narrative. It allows brands to use all the immersive content that we have on Twitter and it allows you to amplify a message because it’s connected to the Promoted Trend as well.”

Discussing the launch with NAB, Baxter said Twitter Australia was very excited by the partnership. “We wanted to launch with the right partner, we wanted to make sure that the Moment we are launching with is the right fit. I think the fact that NAB has created content specifically for this is fantastic for us, its shows the enthusiasm from NAB as a business. It just shows the approach of NAB as a business to want to be innovating on our platform which is great.”

NAB have been sponsorship AFL since 2002, so using Promoted Moments was a great opportunity to celebrate AFL season starting again.  Knott told B&T: “One of things that we were really keen to do, particularly having this first to market opportunity in partnership with Twitter, was to make sure we used a property that people were particular passionate about and very keen to share and socialise around.

“AFL was an obvious no brainer we’ve been committed with our sponsorship for a long time now it’s the biggest game in the country and the one people feel most passionate about.

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