Tree Crushes Car, Eyewitness Delivers Riotous TV Interview

Tree Crushes Car, Eyewitness Delivers Riotous TV Interview

A news report from Huntington, West Virginia about a car being crushed after some dodgy arborist work by council workers has gone viral and it’s all thanks to a brilliant eyewitness account.

According to the TV report on local station WSAZ, unstable trees near a local university had become a danger to cars parked under them.

A crew was sent to cut-down the offending trees, only for the job to go horribly wrong, finishing with a student’s car getting spectacularly crushed.

OK, not the most fascinating of stories. But step-up astute eyewitness to the calamity, local resident, Billy Tatum.

“It sounded like a beer can getting flattened,” Tatum regaled to WSAZ in his marvellous West Virginian accent. “It just was ‘crunch.’ I hate to say it, but it was kind of cool, you know?

“What guy doesn’t like destruction. That’s why we go to demolition derbies, but hey, the bottom line is that’s that poor girl’s new car, and she can’t get to school now.”

Check out the fun below (you can watch full version of the report at the end of the article).

As these things do, Tatum’s version of events have gone viral with many on social media loving the local man’s delivery. “Why can’t this guy be the witness for everything,” wrote one Twitter fan.

Another added: “I wonder what a regular conversation with him would sound like?”

Brilliantly, some wag’s even turned Tatum’s delivery into a music remix:

Tatum’s newfound social media fame aside, the story also appears to have a happy-ish ending. The local council has admitted its arborists were at fault and have agreed to meet all the costs for a new car for the student and provide a rental in the meantime.

Watch the interview in full below:



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