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Tom Gleeson Fights Dirty For Gold Logie Win, Smears Amanda Keller In Cheeky Campaign

Tom Gleeson Fights Dirty For Gold Logie Win, Smears Amanda Keller In Cheeky Campaign

Comedian Tom Gleeson is fighting dirty to secure a gold logie win, releasing his #Glesson4Gold campaign that smears fellow gold logie nominee Amanda Keller.

“To win the Gold Logie, you have to fight dirty,” Gleeson posted to Twitter alongside the one minute campaign.

And, while Gleeson’s tactic hasn’t impressed Keller, who admitted to she was “struggling” with the comedian’s campaign, he doesn’t seem too concerned.

He said: “I’m just reminding everyone not to take the Logies too seriously, and I suspect that’s the way most of Australia sees it.

“I feel like if people are being offended by my antics, maybe they should reflect on their own ambitions.

“To be honest, I read Amanda’s comments and all she’s saying is she finds me irritating. And, I mean, that’s my specialty… I completely get it. I’m sucking the oxygen out of this whole thing; I’m starting to give myself the shits.”

Gleeson has also claimed he won’t bring back his popular Hard Quiz show, which he quit last month as a stunt to help him win gold, unless he nabs TV’s top gong.

He said: “The ABC said to me, ‘We’re not sure you can do that.’ And I said, ‘I’ll just not show up.’ I think they forgot how employment works.

“ABC viewers can be complacent so I’m trying to blackmail them into voting. If I win the gold, I’ll bring back Hard Quiz immediately. If I don’t win, I will… review my options.”

Gleeson is up against Amanda Keller, Waleed Aly, Rodger Corser, Eve Morey, Costa Georgiadis and Sam Mac to win the top prize.

According to online betting agencies, he’s a favourite to win.

The comedian conceded his tactics might not make everyone happy, but added that the voting is open to the public, saying: “If you can get people to vote for you, that’s it! They’re the rules. I didn’t make up the rules; I’m just playing the game that was handed to me.”

Gleeson said he has no malice towards his opponents.

“I legitimately have no axe to grind. It’s all sport to me.”

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