WARNING: This Ad For Australian Almond Milk Is So Painfully Awful You Simply Have To Watch It

WARNING: This Ad For Australian Almond Milk Is So Painfully Awful You Simply Have To Watch It

Almond Board of Australia has unveiled a new campaign urging people to raise a glass of almond milk this Easter to celebrate a 921 year-old tradition and support local producers and growers.

The well-meaning spot – via indie agency Bellwether – sees a medieval troubadour re-telling (or, more precisely, singing) the rather tedious history of almond milk.

The accompany release described the ad as “using humour and a dash of Monty Python vibe”. And, as you’ll see, that’s arguably an insult to humour and Monty Python, too.

The ‘History of almond milk’ video will run across the website and social media until the end of May.

Check out the rather limp effort below. You have been warned:

Bellwether Director David Llewellyn said that together with the Almond Board of Australia they wanted to start debunking the misconception that almond milk is a modern phenomenon created for poorly stereotyped ‘vegans and baristas with beards’.

“The campaign explains that the ingredient was wildly popularity in medieval Europe, partly due to religious rituals, including Lent. During fasting days, when no meat or animal produce (except fish) was allowed, almond milk offered a delicious, guilt-free option to fill the belly.

“We wanted to have fun with the idea and appeal to those that might overlook almond milk for any number of reasons,” Llewellyn said.

Almond Board of Australia Market Development Joseph Ebbage called the ad “clever and quirky” and educates consumers that almond milk became popular in Europe in the 1100’s and reinforces the message that almond milk is not a temporary fad.

“Demand for almond milk has soared over the past five years,” he said. “During this period, almost 60 new almond milk products have been launched into Australia’s major supermarket retailers according to Innova Market Insights,” he said.

“The increased consumption of almond milk reflects the increasing popularity of a plant-based diet and better understanding of its health benefits.

“It’s soy, lactose and dairy-free, so it’s suitable for people who are allergic to soy and cow’s milk or are lactose intolerant.

“Almond milk is also winning the taste test, so take a tip from our medieval ancestors this Easter and grab a carton and discover for yourself why it has remained popular for 921 years.”

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    1. Wow, the only thing that might save Australian Almonds is if the media placement is as proficient as the creative development. That way no one would see this mindless mess.

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