There Is No Right Answer When It Comes To The Customer: David Jones CMO

There Is No Right Answer When It Comes To The Customer: David Jones CMO

Searching the term ‘marketing’ in Google can give you an exorbitant amount of results from a myriad of websites telling you exactly how to do it.

And yet, in the age of mobile – which we are firmly plonked in now – Adriane McDermott (pictured left above), general manager of marketing at retail giant David Jones, says there is no right answer when it comes to marketing to the ever-demanding customer.

As part of the Daze of Disruption conference in Sydney early May, B&T and Which-50 teamed up with mobile marketing experts AdNear and Amobee to host a roundtable packed full of CMOs, French Champagne and prawns.

The topic up for discussion: how the hell do you operate in a mobile first world where the customer expects nothing but the best?

“It’s really about getting the right content in the right context into the hands of the customer and at this moment it’s really around into their hands, it’s mobility,” said McDermott at the time to B&T.

During the Round Table, she suggested marketers look to their kids to see how they’re using devices.

Former Woolworths head of customer experience Jess Gill (who has parted ways with the supermarket giant since the B&T Round Table, pictured right above) added a lot of companies are making it much harder on themselves when it comes to a good customer experience than it needs to be, as everyone seems to chat about different mediums as though there are different customers behind each medium.

While there’s a lot of pressure on companies at the moment, Cameron Curtis, general manager ANZ for AdNear said he’s happy a lot of businesses are up for the challenge.

“There is a preparedness and ambition to take on the mobile challenge,” he said during the roundtable. “Even larger organisations are much more willing to be flexible and challenging. The mindset of ‘we’ve already invested in this therefore we’re staying with this tech’ is changing.”


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