The Sun Rates Female Celebs Cleavage In The Titsee Index

The Sun Rates Female Celebs Cleavage In The Titsee Index

The Sun has gone and gifted us with one of the less relevant stories on The Oscars, and sadly it comes at the cost of female attendees’ boobs.

That’s right, the newspaper has taken the usual coverage of the red carpet attire, and created the Titsee Index. We’re not even joking.

Opening the paper post-Academy Awards, you’d find yourself staring down at the ladies of Hollywood, and low and behold, a rating on their cleavage.

Poor old Brie Larson won the Oscar for Best Actress, but nevermind that – she should be ashamed of her cleavage ratings, with the Sun only awarding her 4/10.

It ‘plunges’ (see what the Sun did there?!) along with women’s plunging necklines, until it reaches Charlize Theron, who despite not nabbing an Oscar can rest easy because she did snag a 10/10 rating for tits out on the red carpet. Hooray!

Unsurprisingly, this particular segment didn’t go down too well with Twitter:

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