The Royals Help VCE Students Escape Exam Stress

The Royals Help VCE Students Escape Exam Stress

This week sees Deakin University and The Royals encouraging VCE students to escape from the stress of exams, with a new campaign entitled: VCE Stress Break.

Live streamed for 1.5 hours each day from an online sitcom styled set, the campaign allows students to request cybernetic stress breaks from a colourful cast of costume-clad characters: “Sloth”; “Ghost”; “Robot” and “Hot Dog”.  From the campaign website,, students can request stress breaks such as:

  • Have a Robot explode a Rubik’s Cube with a ukulele
  • Have a Sloth attempt to break an Alarm Clock with a cushion
  • Have a Ghost destroy a feather pillow with a rubber chicken
  • Have a Giant Hot Dog crush a piñata with a tennis racket

Deakin digital marketing director, Matt Edge said: “We know that VCE exams will be one of the most intense and stressful times a student will ever experience and this anxiety can hold them back from realising their true potential. Just taking a simple timeout can help students get back to study reenergised and thinking more clearly.”

Nick Cummins, creative partner at The Royals said: “It’s always great when you get to work with a client that is thinking about their customer rather than just talking about themselves. This campaign is exactly that. And hey, who doesn’t love smashing stuff?!”

In addition to stress breaks, students will be able to engage in virtual ‘events’ within the site, including giant Jenga, Twister and an online disco party.

The campaign includes a series of online videos that drive traffic to across Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

The Deakin VCE Stress Break encourages students to take short breaks from their studies, and gives them an outlet to relieve some pressure, have a laugh, shake off their anxiety and walk away after a break feeling refocused and reenergised.

Streaming live at 5pm Monday 19th – Friday 23rd October, the online sitcom is something that will be there every day for them and their mates and something they can rely on to tune out and de-stress.

Campaign Credits:


Trisca Scott-Branagan                   Executive Director Marketing Division

Matt Edge                                          Director Digital Marketing

James Tonkin                                  Digital Producer

Gemma Anderson                          Digital Marketing Strategist

Alex Crowden                                   Social Media Content Coordinator

Gabriella Francis                             Social Media Command & Innovation

Centre Manager

Calvin Pinegar                                 Digital Media Planner



Nick Cummins                                 Creative Partner

Dave King                                         Strategy Partner

Steve O’Farrell                                 Managing Partner

Andrew Reeves                               Communications Director

Lauren Kilby                                     Producer

Paige Kilburn                                               Account Director

Gareth Sweet                                   Creative

Joel Utter                                           Creative

Qiao Li                                               Filmmaker

Nicole Haddow                                Content Editor

Paul Broomfield                               Creative Technologist

Ken Sum                                           Designer

Hugh Simpson                                Account Manager



Logan Mucha                                   Director

Edward Pontifex                               Executive Producer

Sarah Freeman                               Producer

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