The Hot Contenders To Take Over From Carrie Bickmore At The Project

The Hot Contenders To Take Over From Carrie Bickmore At The Project

Carrie Bickmore has sadly announced she is leaving The Project. So, I must devote every waking minute to speculating on who will replace her.

Think of me as a combination between Sherlock Holmes and Joan Rivers.

Here at B&T, I’ve used all my industry resources, power and favour to uncover who could be the next Bickmore. (I texted a few comms people, but they have not replied.)

Still, never fear; the very important list is here.

Lisa Wilkinson

Yes, she’s already on The Project. But Wilkinson could move her role into a nightly gig. Plus, if she’s so busy working, perhaps, she won’t be asked to proof read FitzSimon’s latest history book – joking!

There’s also just no denying Wilkinson is the best in the business. She cut her teeth on Today, and now she’s a household name. So she brings star power and experience.

Sarah Harris

She’s been on Studio 10 for yonks! She’s pretty widely beloved. Plus, she’s definitely used to blending hot topics and news with personal ones. I can see this as Harris’s breakout moment.

Chrissie Swan

She’s a network 10 girl. Plus, she minded the desk while Bickmore was away on her big family holiday. She’s beloved but hosts a morning breakfast show and Would I Lie To You! So taking over Bickmore’s seat could be too much with her other duties.

But Swan would be bringing some serious fashion game.

Georgie Tunny

She’s the newest member of the Project gang. But she’s fast building her profile, and she’s a cool fresh-face option. It’s a calculated risk for 10. (Fun fact, she dates Millsy from Australian Idol)

Jan Fran

She’s a regular on the desk, she’s won a bloody Walkley and to announce her pregnancy, she posted on Instagram, “Fucked around and found out!” So icon material. She’d be great on the panel full time.

Jess Rowe

Rowe left Studio 10 to focus on her family, and she now has a highly successful podcast. But, maybe the timing could be right, and she could return to television. She’s a hit with audiences and great at blending the personal with breaking news.

Abbie Chatfield

Okay, so she’s slightly controversial but Abbie’s proved her star power and she’s incredibly popular and topical. Plus, under Wilkinson’s wing she could truly thrive.

Clementine Ford

Not an obvious choice, but a cool choice! Ford is interesting, bold and would definitely make good television. Plus imagine how much she’d stress Steve Price out!

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