Taylor Swift Stars In Slightly Terrible Bank Ad

Taylor Swift Stars In Slightly Terrible Bank Ad

Not that you’d reckon she’d need the cash, but music royalty Taylor Swift has again starred in an ad for the US bank Capital One.

In the 30-second spot, a bank spokesman addresses the camera, talking about how banking with Capital One is “like the easiest decision in the history of decisions, kind of like..!”

At this point, Tay-Tay appears wistfully looking out a window, with her doing an internal monologue which asks, “It’s looking kind of chilly out today. What am I going to wear?”

The 30-year-old is then seen heading to her wardrobe where she muses, “I think I’ll go with…” before declaring, “Cardigan” where we see a rack of the same garment.

Doesn’t make sense? Don’t worry.

Cardigan is, of course, the name of Swift’s latest single. Get it?

Swift then grabs one before winking at the camera. “Yup, even easier than that,” the spokesman concludes before talking about the Capital One app.

Check out the spot below:

It’s not the singer’s first appearance for the bank. Back in 2019, Swift appeared in her first spot, appearing as a hapless waitress and bartender which also had her then current song Me! playing in the background.

Swift apparently has a multi-year deal with Capital One which will see the pop star give special access opportunities exclusively for Capital One customers and more.










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