“Tasteless Hijacking!” Pete Evans Shamelessly Ties Shane Warne’s Death To His Tired Anti-Vaxx Tune

“Tasteless Hijacking!” Pete Evans Shamelessly Ties Shane Warne’s Death To His Tired Anti-Vaxx Tune

Former My Kitchen Rules Star Pete Evans appears to be leveraging the death of Australian hero Shane Warne to push his anti-vax views – talk about tasteless.

During a public zoom call, and yes that’s what Evan uses these days to reach his followers, he has been banned from Instagram and Spotify remember?

Evans said: “Shane Warne was an amazing cricket player for sure … sad. 

“Who knows what the reasons behind this are and I can’t comment on it.

“However, so many doctors I’ve interviewed have been screaming for the last year-and-a-half, saying the vaccines are going to cause death as we’ve never seen across the planet.

“And they’re all predicting we’re not going to see the outcomes of this — or the real side effects — for the next three to five years. We’re witnessing it happening with athletes on the field and there’s a reason behind that.”

So basically, his ‘not’ comment was a comment.

Naturally, anti-vaxxers have taken Evan’s words and run with it and are now flooding social media with their theories

Meanwhile, the rest of Twitter is pretty pissed off about it!


I think all of Australia felt a deep sense of sadness with the news that Warne had passed away on the weekend. He was a cultural figure, an incredible athlete and just really bloody likeable! He even got Leigh Sales tick of approval!


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So, I think it would be fair to say Australia is now in mourning and it’s really not the time for Evans to be weighing in any capacity.

Here at B&T, our thoughts are with Warne’s family and we think the Paleo diet sucks.

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    1. Wow amazed by you sheer intolerance of a theory? Where is your critical thinking? Why don’t you do a little bit of investigating yourselves and read some literature from the inventor of mRNA ‘vaccine’…………..at best if you were impartial it would be an each way bet. (of course if you are subsided by the government or pharmaceutical company your reporting is as would be expected)

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