Taste.com.au Loses Close To Half A Million Readers In Latest emma Data

Taste.com.au Loses Close To Half A Million Readers In Latest emma Data

The monthly emma data is back to reveal how many of us read magazines, and which ones are the leaders, and for the year to September 2016, it was Taste.com.au that suffered a severe dip.

The previous emma data showed Taste as the highest read magazine per month at 4.4 million readers, however breaking it into print versus online, the split is 781,000 to 3.9 million, respectively.

But this time round, for the period of October 2015-September 2016, Taste fell by 465,000 overall to 3.98 million readers, 769,000 in print and 3.4 million online.

Woman’s Day came in second after a modest jump from just over 3.029 million to 3.068 million overall, attributing its rise to its online presence, which rose from 221,000 to 363,000, while its print product dropped by 58,000 readers.

Australian Women’s Weekly suffered declines in both print and web, reaching overall readership of 2.436 million while Better Homes and Gardens saw a small leap in online readership to record 2.31 million overall.

Emma data also reported that a whopping 16.6 million read news media, with growth strongest in the real estate and automotive newspaper sectors.

Across all platforms, news media was read by 16.6 million, or 92 per cent, of Australians, with 12.8 million people, or 70 per cent of the population, reading news media on smartphones, PCs/laptop and tablets during September, according to the latest emma data.


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