Super Data Computer Again Rejigs Its World Cup Prediction (& It’s Bad News For England)

Super Data Computer Again Rejigs Its World Cup Prediction (& It’s Bad News For England)

The infallible super computer attempting to predict this year’s World Cup winner has had yet another go at finding a winner after proving somewhat fallible.

As reported on B&T last week, US investment bank Goldman Sachs has turned one of its super data computers, typically used to predict stock market fluctuations, to find a winner come the tournament’s final on the 16th of July in Moscow.

Prior to the start of the event, the computer was predicting Brazil to beat Germany in the final.

But with Germany’s elimination in the group stages, it reconfigured its tipping to say Brazil would beat England to win the tournament.

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But proof these super data computers can be a fickle bunch when they want to be, it’s now had a third shot at predicting a winner. Still, to its credit, it did predict the Socceroos wouldn’t get out of the group stage.

The computer uses sophisticated modelling and has analysed over one million different World Cup scenarios.

And it’s latest (hot) tip? Brazil to beat Croatia in the final.

So, sadly for England fans, its predicting that England will bow out in the semi final stages. That means the Poms will beat Columbia in its game tomorrow night but will ultimately lose to Croatia in the semis.

Commenting on the computer’s latest stab at a winner, Goldman Sachs analyst Jan Hatzius said: “Brazil retains its place at the top of the probability table, and as the winner in the most likely final game, against Croatia.

“The Croatian team’s chances have been boosted by Spain’s loss, and indeed the model predicts that they will defeat England in the semi-finals.”


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