Successful Global CMOs Share Must-Have Elements To Building Local And Global Brands

Successful Global CMOs Share Must-Have Elements To Building Local And Global Brands

A cohesive team culture and structure that embraces local diversity is – counter intuitively — the linchpin to building a consistent global brand according to research released today by The CMO Club and Oracle Marketing Cloud.

The study shows that, to navigate the enormous amount of complexity in building a global brand, leading CMOs share six common elements that all begin with the same first step: developing a cohesive team culture.

The study, ‘The CMO Solution Guide for Global Brand Leaders, Transcending the Geographic Divide,’ captures pragmatic insights and examples from The CMO Club with major brands such as Dow Chemical, Pearson, AON Corporation, The Patron Spirits Company, and Vencorex.

As evidenced in feedback from the CMOs in this study, they struggle with an increasingly pervasive dichotomy: to be a consistent-enough, cohesive-enough brand that captures the benefits of being global while still respecting and honouring local diversities and culture.

“Developing a global brand is a balancing act as well as a question of trust and learning,” said Hubertus (Huub) DeVroye, head of marketing and commercial at Dow Chemical.

“You can’t think it’s just centralised or decentralised because it might be that some aspects are centralised while others are not.”

This study aims to help senior marketers navigate the complex global landscape whether building a global brand or marketing a brand, globally.

“Building a global brand can be so complex in managing not only the overall marketing strategy, but how you manage a global team,” said Pete Krainik, CEO, The CMO Club.

“This guide helps provide go to approaches for what’s needed to develop a well-rounded global brand strategy, as well as how to motivate a global team to build the foundation for a more cohesive culture and brand.”

“At the core of building a successful global brand is the ability to pull together all of the key elements: culture, teamwork, legal regulations and technology, and be able to deliver the same fundamental brand messages to a global audience that resonates locally,” said, Sylvia Jensen, senior director, EMEA Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Key areas included in this study to help CMOs navigate the increasingly complex and attractive global landscape are:

• Developing a cohesive culture that catalyses teamwork

• Piloting country-specific legal rules and regulations

• Building a rock-solid technology platform

• Architecting both local and global scale

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