Study: Why The Age Of Zoom Is Posing Challenges For Brands Chasing Kids & Teens

Study: Why The Age Of Zoom Is Posing Challenges For Brands Chasing Kids & Teens

Brands and marketers looking to engage kids and teen audiences are facing unprecedented levels of complexity as digital devices and channel options explored by Australian Zoomers are multiplying, according to new research from TotallyAwesome.

TotallyAwesome is a youth digital engagement company that helps brands safely navigate and interact with children, teens and families online. The company has collated extensive data in its new report, Zoomers Digital Insights (ZDI), on the evolution of Zoomers (people aged four to 18 years old) as Australia’s most difficult to reach and fastest changing consumer groups.

The ZDI research (which you can read here)  is in its fifth year and has been compiled by Alice Almeida, TotallyAwesome’s Regional head of data, research and insights. It is the largest analysis of interconnectivity between brands and our younger internet audiences. The Australian research covered 700 people aged from four upwards, with parental involvement, to 18 years.

“The presence of multiple digital devices and channel choice among Zoomers leaves brands with increasing complexity in reaching these audiences;” said TotallyAwesome ANZ managing director James Sawyer. “The good news is that brands that do connect appropriately, while respecting the privacy of young audiences, take the first step in a brand relationship that could last a lifetime.”

TotallyAwesome’s ZDI data reveals that, despite a ‘rule’ that Facebook hosts accounts for people 13 years or older, 36 per cent of kids under 13 have a Facebook account. At the same time 30 per cent are on Instagram and 21 per cnet have a Tik Tok account.

Kids and teens use digital devices for multiple different reasons, but mostly for short-form content such as music videos (46 per cent), toy review videos (44 per cent), gaming videos (41 per cent) and tutorial videos (36 per cent). Smart TV’s are mostly being used to watch movies.

Amanda Abel, TotallyAwesome’s resident paediatric psychologist, said, “”Counselling brands on their target audiences’ key behavioural milestones is incredibly rewarding. Coupled with this research, we enable brands to turn-up for their audiences not only with meaning, but also with purpose.”

James Sawyer said, “If you balance the prolific presence of devices and channels that Zoomers are accessing against their legendary influence on household purchasing decisions – like toys 80 per cent, clothing and footwear 79 per cent, eating out/food delivery 76 per cent and holidays/destinations 70 per cent –  marketers are often contemplating if there is a philosophers stone solution to their challenges.”

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