Study: Two-thirds Of Millennials Receptive To AI In Advertising

Study: Two-thirds Of Millennials Receptive To AI In Advertising

New research has found that the majority of Millennials are welcome to suggestions and predictions for products and services through brands’ use of artificial intelligence (AI).

According to Rocket Fuel’s Consumer Perceptions of AI Survey, over two-thirds of Millennials see the benefits of brands using AI to help inform and direct their buying decisions.

The study found that 80 per cent of the 25 to 34-year-olds surveyed see value in brands engaging them with personalised advertising and offers.

Additionally, 62 per cent see the value of using AI to make suggestions on products or services that they might want based on their interests.

The survey, which polled 1,895 people in eight countries (Australia, the UK, the US, Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, and Spain) found a positive attitude overall towards AI.

Nearly two-thirds said they find it an exciting development in technology (growing to 81 per cent for males aged 18 to 34), and 69 per cent agree it’s become a part of everyday life.

In terms of its application, those surveyed said they were aware of it being used in military operations (64 per cent), in the home (61 per cent), and in media – advertising and marketing combined (61 per cent).

Of those that were aware of its use in advertising, 57 per cent said they viewed it as a positive force.

Mailee Creacy, country manager, at Rocket Fuel for Australia and New Zealand, said: “Our research provides a fascinating snapshot of consumer attitudes towards AI and the fast-changing digital landscape.

“This is especially true for Millennials, who are aware of the value exchange that takes place – they provide brands with personal data and expect to see their information used in ways that provides them with tangible benefits.

“Being able to engage with Millennials in a personalised way is the next frontier as brands seek to maintain and increase relevancy in the digital age.”

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