Starbucks & Taylor Swift Embroiled In Viral Ads Hoax

Edinburgh, Scotland - July 19, 2011:  A Starbucks Coffee sign outside a Starbucks Coffee outlet on Edinburgh's Royal Mile. Starbucks Corporation is an international coffee and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington.

Sorry, Starbucks lovers, but the latest Starbucks’ ad called #MEBUCKS is a fake.

The viral ad was created by Taylor Swift fans who were attempting to get more people to listen to the pop star’s latest single “ME!”

Diehard Swift fans took to social media to post about a fake Starbucks deal in order to celebrate the newly released song.

According to Twitter users, if people took a screenshot of themselves listening to “ME!” and posted the image on Twitter or Instagram, they would be in the running to win a free drink from Starbucks.

While some people have claimed they’ve received free drinks, Starbucks has confirmed the deal is a hoax.

Starbucks posted on Twitter: “This is not a valid Starbucks offer, and this screenshot is fake. To confirm any Starbucks promotion, you can check your Starbucks app, reach out to our customer care line, or ask your Starbucks barista.”

The #MEBUCKS hashtag is a spin-off of an early hoax in May, which was created by Lady Gaga’s fans on social media.

Lady Gaga fans were trying to help the song “Shallow” hit the top spot on the Billboard charts.

The fake #SHALLOWBUCKS deal asked people to post screenshots of themselves listening to “Shallow” in order to nab a free Starbucks drink, which turned out to be a fake ad.

The only real celebrity partnership Starbucks made in 2019 was with Ariana Grande.

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