SpotX Joins The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 Initiative

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SpotX has announced it is integrating the Unified ID 2.0 solution, an open source and interoperable ID framework designed to improve relevant advertising while protecting consumer privacy and transparency without relying on third-party cookies.

The solution upgrades identification standards by using encrypted and hashed email addresses, allowing consumers to easily manage how their personal data is both collected through a single sign-on solution with participating websites, which also includes an opt-out option. By leveraging Unified ID 2.0, media owners working with SpotX will gain more control of their proprietary data, build trust with consumers, and generate higher CPMs. Similarly, advertisers and demand-side platforms (DSPs) will have a more holistic view of their customers and the ability to leverage audience data more efficiently to ultimately drive higher campaign performance.

“Privacy remains a key priority for us at SpotX which is why we continue to take a proactive and transparent approach about the data we use and how we use it,” said SpotX SVP global operations Kelly McMahon. “Unified ID 2.0 safeguards the value exchange for relevant advertising with a simplified user consent framework while protecting all parties across the ecosystem. SpotX’s support for this technology builds on our promise to protect all data, and we’re excited to be one of the first video SSPs to adopt this upgrade for improving the open web.”

SpotX led the charge in protecting audience data with its launch of Audience Lock in 2017. The industry-leading data protection solution enables ad buyers and sellers to activate data safely through a secure data escrow environment by limiting and anonymizing data. By integrating Unified ID 2.0, SpotX further demonstrates its commitment to privacy while allowing media owners to transact safely and responsibly within open environments.

“The open source Unified ID 2.0 solution is truly an upgrade for everyone – consumers, advertisers, publishers and more,” said Michelle Hulst, Chief Operating Officer, The Trade Desk. “The industry continues to band together to support and collaborate on this framework. This commitment from partners like SpotX proves that we are all dedicated to creating a better standard for identity.”


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