Spoof Trump Ad Deemed Too Offensive To Air By Major TV Networks

Spoof Trump Ad Deemed Too Offensive To Air By Major TV Networks

A provocative but amusing ad spoofing Donald Trump and the US elections has been rejected by major US broadcasters, but is finding a strong audience on social media.

The ad for video camera company 360Fly shows a Trump impersonator showing off the (future) President’s wall to keep out Mexicans. The ad also has a playful dig at Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, too.

Check the ad out here:

CEO of 360Fly Peter Adderton was quoted on Fushion.net as saying the company had offered the ad to a number of major US broadcasters – including Comedy Central, Bravo, NBC, CBS and ABC – but it had been rejected each time. It’s believed the ad’s provocative message and stereotyping of Mexicans was to blame for the ban.

“The spot is political satire designed to challenge consumers to have a broader perspective,” Adderton told Fusion. “We stereotyped everyone in the spot: Trump, Hillary and Bernie.”

Adderton said they’d tested the ad on focus groups with 90 per cent saying it was hilarious, nine per cent were neutral and one per cent found it offensive. “Of course, with everything, the on per cent are those with the louder voices and express their feelings about the spot,” he said.

Boss of the creative agency behind the ad, 180LA’s William Gelner, added: “The idea of building a wall is so narrow-minded, it deserves to be lampooned.

“And it’s perfect for making the point about the importance of having a bigger perspective, which is the promise of the camera. Essentially, this is just a product demo spot dropped into the middle of a highly charged political issue. The spot demonstrates just how ridiculous and narrow-minded the notion is of building a wall. Broaden out a little – life’s too big for one perspective,” he said.

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