Spinifex Puts Mazda Australia Dealers And Customers In The Driver’s Seat

Spinifex Puts Mazda Australia Dealers And Customers In The Driver’s Seat

Experiential Content Agency and producer of imaginative, interactive and immersive media experiences, Spinifex has delivered the Mazda Retail Hub.

A world-first, the real-time car configurator goes deeper and broader than any predecessor, after Mazda Australia’s global search for a developer found the best team to deliver the innovative solution in its own backyard.

Spinifex, with expertise in creating high-end real-time content, partnered with professional services provider Deloitte, and leading Australian digital signage and digital display provider Engagis, to deliver the Mazda Retail Hub solution.

The Mazda Retail Hub is an interactive car configurator application that uses immersive 3D content to showcase the full Mazda line-up, including animated design, safety and technology features, accessories range and video content.

The configurator provides full 360-degree views of the interior and exterior of each car within a selection of beautifully rendered real-time animated environments for customers to choose from.

Spinifex APAC MD Tracey Taylor said: “The Mazda Retail Hub provides Mazda Australia’s dealership network with a key upsell and communication tool, while increasing valuable customer and brand interaction”.

Taylor added: “Unlike many configurators, which display pre-rendered images of basic car paint variations, the MRH offers real-time configurations which are linked to the Mazda Australia database of car grades, accessories, product numbers, pricing and finance”.

The cutting-edge configurator can display the hundreds of possible feature combinations that can be configured on a car, providing a great brand experience while also helping with inventory problems on the showroom floor.

Spinifex’s 3D teams used Maya to convert CAD data for models and accessories supplied by Mazda.

Spinifex designed and built all environments and animated car features from scratch.

All assets were built by Spinifex for real-time rendering in Unity engine, creating a cohesive and sophisticated real-time 3D experience.

As the front-end developer, Deloitte integrated the Spinifex-created content with configuration smarts, data-driven content from Mazda systems and implemented the UI and 2D design to build a seamless composition of interactive and informative content.

Spinifex also partnered with Engagis as the CMS (content management system) provider and back-end developer of the app that handles thousands of data conversions and management of vehicle parts, media, and content from the Mazda CMS into the app.

Engagis also custom built the 42-inch and 55-inch touch screen digital kiosks and are the architects of the ongoing hardware and network support.

MRH is future-proofed as it is built for regular updates and new car and feature inclusions.

It is scalable and measurable, ensuring constant refining of the customer experience based on real user data.

The Mazda Retail Hub can be experienced at 148 Mazda dealerships across Australia.



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