Sparcmedia Launches Sparc Data And Sparc Insights

Sparcmedia Launches Sparc Data And Sparc Insights

Sparcmedia is pleased to announce new offerings to Australia and New Zealand advertisers, including Sparc Data and Sparc Insights. With programmatic advertising experiencing rapid growth in ANZ, these offerings bring much needed deep customer insights and data to the industry.

In a recent study by AdRoll, 92 per cent of ANZ marketers expected their 2016 budgets for programmatic ads to increase or stay the same. Budgets are also increasing with 69 per cent (Australia) and 63 per cent (New Zealand) planning to invest 10 per cent to 50 per cent of their 2016 budget in programmatic ad formats.

Sparcmedia will now  provide marketers with the opportunity to engage with their most valuable customers through insights garnered from data targeting solutions and real-time audience engagement metrics.

“We are excited to offer Sparcmedia clients both a highly targeted data offering and a window into their media activity, providing campaign metrics in real-time as well as valuable insights into the audiences that engage with their advertising”, said Stacey Delaney, managing director, Sparcmedia.

“We believe that providing these products to our customers is vital to them getting the best return from their advertising spend, pinpointing their highest value customers and helping them to truly understand how customers engage with their brand,” Delaney added.

Sparc Data helps advertisers identify their most valuable customers through the Pureprofile panel, third party data and the Sparc DMP. This provides clients with effective advertising campaigns through the use of proven programmatic media buying strategies and the effective use of data.

Sparc Insights dashboard is a collective and smart interpretation of different data points in one single dashboard providing marketers with one source of truth for all their advertising efforts. The Sparc Insights dashboard displays insights gathered from consumers interacting with the media and from qualitative research conducted by Pureprofile, helping marketers make insights-driven decisions.

“With digital spend set to overtake TV next year, we’ve got to move past CTR as the yardstick for brand campaigns. It’s the unique fusion of research panel and programmatic buying that will enable us to measure what really matters in achieving a client’s campaign goals,” said Luke O’Brien, managing director of data and insights at Pureprofile.

“We are working closely with the Sparcmedia team to craft solutions that will push the industry forward and I’m looking forward to rolling out some exciting products this year,” O’Brien added.


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