Shock New Leader In Women In Media’s People Choice!

Shock New Leader In Women In Media’s People Choice!

A massive amount of you have gotten involved in voting for the Women in Media People’s Choice award this year, with almost 12,000 votes counted so far. And in a shock announcement, we’ve had the previous leader tipped to win Tina Walsberger from Sydney Festival knocked out of top spot.

That’s right. A new contender has streaked ahead by an absolute country mile to take the lead – and can you believe she was only in fifth spot as of last week?!

So who’s your new leader? Say hello to Nine Entertainment’s Anne Gruber, entered in the Rising Star category.

Either Anne has used some seriously persuasive methods to snag votes from her wide array of colleagues, or she is just an incredibly popular lady, but her vote count has skyrocketed in just under a week.

Regardless of her methods, Anne Gruber has shot ahead like Usain Bolt, but that’s not to say the race is over yet. You can still vote until 5pm on Friday August 5 – that’s plenty of time to bake biscuits and bribe your peers!

Get your ever so important vote in here.

And now let’s check in with your latest top 10, as of 9.30am this morning.

  1. Anne Gruber – Nine Entertainment Company – Rising Star category
  2. Nine Entertainment – Employer category
  3. Tina Walsberger – Sydney Festival – Marketing category
  4. Natalie Kean – Carat Australia – Media Agency category
  5. Shivani Maharaj – Maxus Communications – Media category
  6. Venessa Hunt – GroupM – Technology category
  7. Zoe May – Maxus Communications (Sydney) – Strategy category
  8. Maxus Communications – Employer category
  9. Mollie Hill – The Monkeys – Strategy category
  10. Katy Websdell – Maxus Communications – Mentor category

You can still nab sweet tickets to the forum and awards here, so make sure you get some to see if your People’s Choice favourite takes the crown.

Thanks as always as well to our lovely sponsors who make this all happen.


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