SBS Roasts Horrendous Department Of Finance Ad

SBS Roasts Horrendous Department Of Finance Ad

It was so horrendously bad it quickly veered into hilarious territory and now the Finance Department’s awful recruitment ad is getting the parody it deserves.

Those cheeky rascals over at SBS have been quick on the uptake and made their own amusing version of the original $37,000 disaster. Check it out below:

The ad was shot at the broadcasters’ Sydney studios and rather than going for a now infamous “paleo pear and banana bread” the SBS version has a woman heading off for a “paleo gluten free baklava”.

It goes on to poke fun at the number of Hitler documentaries it shows and its reputation for European “art” films that have a high sex content.

“I’m just going through some of the European videos we used to show,” an older man explains holding some video cassettes. “You don’t see bush like this any more!”

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