Sandilands Comes Clean On Coke: “I Had The F*cking Time Of My Life”

Sandilands Comes Clean On Coke: “I Had The F*cking Time Of My Life”

Radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands has come clean on years of cocaine abuse, but insists he now never touches the drug.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the KIIS FM presenter confessed he’d been a long-time user of cocaine and it had led to him routinely taking sick leave from his radio duties.

When asked if the thought he could relapse or fall “back in a hole”, Sandilands said: “I don’t even think about that shit. I just don’t do it [anymore], and it wasn’t a hole it was a great time.

“I had the fucking time of my life, really… it was rock n roll. Obviously some people can’t handle it, and it takes over them so there’s rehab for that, but for me it was a non-event,” he said.

And, it appears, on occasions the ‘marching powder’ had got the better of him, Sandilands admitting that it had been the cause of a number of his sick days. He said the drug had given him “terrible migraines” and caused him to feel “depressed” at the time which had led to him taking time off work.

“[Doctors] didn’t even know if I was depressed – didn’t even know. I was just self-medicating, bumping back dozens of lines.

“[I suffered from] drug addiction back in the day. Migraines. I was self-medicating on my own illegal narcotics,” he confessed.

He then added, at the time, he didn’t care if he “lived or died”.

“The blood pressure is what could have killed me. They said, listen, your blood pressure is so high continuously that at any stage you could just die. And I’m like whatever…,” he said.

Sandilands previously admitted that his marriage breakdown to Tamara Jaber in 2010 had been the nucleus to his drug use. “I buried my face in a big pile of cocaine to try and get over it and it didn’t work. Anyway, I’m better now.”

Earlier this week, the 47-year-old had moaned that his pilot, Trial By Kyle, had been picked up for an eight-week run by Network Ten in early 2019, adding to his already busy workload.

“Doing this job and then having to go in there and film all that bullshit – it’s tough. I like to lay around resting. I get no rest,” he whined to listeners.

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