Samsung Embraces “Awesome” In Epic Campaign For New Galaxy A Phone

Samsung Embraces “Awesome” In Epic Campaign For New Galaxy A Phone
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Samsung has released an epic new campaign in which a couch ridden by a father and son escape everyday mundanity and have the time of their lives thanks to the new Samsung Galaxy A.

The three-minute hero short-film, “The Awesome Product Adventure” was produced by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, and sees a young man telling his Galaxy A phone he needs “awesome”, which causes his slumbering father to stir and ask “Why?” before the youngster shushes him and replies, “Because”.

The father-son duo then take off on an adventure of a lifetime, all from the comfort of their couch.

The ad sees the needy son continuously making “awesome” requests of his phone, to which his father continues to reply “Why?”.

“Because,” is the incessant answer, as the youngster displays all the impressive capabilities of Samsung’s latest Galaxy offering, including its “awesome” 180MP main camera, its “awesome” low light video, and its “awesome” security, among several other neat features.

After witnessing dancing rock monsters, talking otters, and being chased by treacherous video-game-like hackers, the duo return home, with the father no longer questioning the phone’s awesomeness.

However, the mother asks “Why?”, and the duo’s – now a trio – adventure resumes once again, with the closing caption reading, “Awesome is for everyone”.

The TVC was directed by Vedran Rupic via global film production company, Riff Raff.

“These films pay homage to the boundless creativity showcased by a generation of young creators around the world,” said Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam creative directors, Ed Olhagaray and Ramona Tadoca.

“For them, powerful, durable, affordable—awesome—devices are a need, not just a want.”

The campaign is currently running across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia, and South West Asia.

For everyone else: How awesome is YouTube?

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