Sacked SBS Journo Unleashes Anzac Day Tweet Attack 2.0

Sacked SBS Journo Unleashes Anzac Day Tweet Attack 2.0

To think it was only a year ago that then-SBS reporter Scott McIntyre unleashed a torrent of tweets that both offended and outraged Australians by criticising the ANZAC tradition.

The reporter made brazen statements calling Australians commemorating ANZAC day “poorly-read, largely white, nationalist drinkers and gamblers”, resulting in his dismissal from the SBS and condemnation from the Communications Minister at the time, Malcolm Turnbull.

But rather than let sleeping dogs lie, McIntyre has resurfaced for the annual commemorative holiday to tell us all what he really thinks. Again.

On Monday afternoon, McIntyre began tweeting images depicting blocks of text that describe Australian soldiers involved in instances of rape, murder and rioting among other things, as well as a cartoon of a man having his brain removed in order to become a soldier.

“Brave Anzacs rioting, pillaging and murdering in Egypt, 1915. Via war memorial website,” one tweet read.

Reactions on Twitter were mixed, from people agreeing we should not glorify war, to others condemning his disregard for those who sacrificed themselves for our country.

Last year, McIntyre’s tweets shocked many, with the now Prime Minister Turnbull saying it was “difficult to think of more offensive or inappropriate comments”.

McIntryre’s now former employer, SBS, was also quick to distant themselves from the brouhaha. It called the tweets “inappropriate and disrespectful” and said the now former employee’s position at the public broadcaster  had “become untenable”.

The journalist tried to sue the broadcaster for false dismissal after he was sacked, however SBS argued that McIntyre was terminated because of the broadcaster’s protocol not because of his controversial views.

The dispute was eventually settled outside of court, with the parties were set to head to the Federal Court on Monday “until Mr McIntyre’s lawyers issued a statement saying the dispute was over”.

The statement read: “Mr McIntyre regrets any attribution of his views to SBS and acknowledges that SBS was drawn into controversy following the expression of his views.”

He was not reemployed by the broadcaster, nor does his future look particularly bright after backing his views up with this second round of vitriol.

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