RSPCA QLD readies for digital disruption

RSPCA QLD readies for digital disruption

RSPCA Queensland is a 130-year old brand, and it is a brand ripe for disruption according to chief digital officer, Christian Bowman.

The RSPCA QLD has a brand recall of 93%, while admirable it also puts a target on the brand’s back.

“We are the incumbent, we are the ones who have been here for awhile. We are now the ones who are susceptible to all the niche groups who are out there, whether it be all the niche groups or bloggers,” Bowman told B&T.

A key challenge in his role as chief digital officer is ensuring the core communication is consistent across the group Bowman said.

Bowman was talking to B&T ahead of his appearance at this month’s ecommerce Conference and Expo in Melbourne.

Bowman said even on a not-for profit budget developing a successful digital strategy is possible as long as you are “more creative and innovative”.

“If you ask the right questions you can work with what you have got,” Bowman said.

Before setting up a digital strategy Bowman said businesses need to be thinking about their organisational goals and aiming to integrate technology and digital strategies into every department.

“Every department is starting to use more data, utilise social media more and mobile devices more.”

During his presentation Bowman will discuss how to find the high-spending segment within your market, delivering personalised offers as well a run-down on attribution modelling and what to do with it.

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