Right-Wing Group Calls For ABC To Sack Muslim TV Presenter Over Pro-Sharia Law Comments

Right-Wing Group Calls For ABC To Sack Muslim TV Presenter Over Pro-Sharia Law Comments

Right-wing group ALTCON News has created a petition calling for the ABC to fire Muslim youth activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied as a TV presenter over her recent pro-Sharia law comments on Q&A.

Abdel-Magied, who hosts Saturday morning program Australia Wide on ABC News 24, and is also the founder of Youth Without Borders, caused quite a stir on the ABC’s Q&A program recently, getting involved in a very heated exchange with Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie about Sharia law.

Since then, ALTCON has created an online petition on change.org calling for the national public broadcaster to sack Abdel-Magied, which has attracted more than 13,000 signatures so far.

AltCon petition calling for ABC to fire Yassmin Abdul-Magied

ALTCON claims the Muslim TV presenter has stood by her comments on Q&A and released a video “blatantly lying to the public about the merits of Sharia law and the oppressive impact it has on non-muslim groups, homosexuals and women”.

“As Yassmin Abdul-Magied made these comments on the taxpayer-funded Q&A program, and as she is a regularly paid commentator on the tax payer funded network, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation needs to reassure the tax paying public that they condemn her rhetoric and that Australians obey one set of laws, that no religious law is higher than the law of the land, and that her blatant lies about this law will not be tolerated or funded by the Australian tax payers,” the group said.

“The ALTCON team feel that it is very important to note that we are avid supporters of free speech and Yassmin Abdul-Magied’s right to say what she said, but NOT her right to spew this Pro-Sharia propaganda whilst she is a taxpayer-funded ABC presenter.”

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