Rexona Uses Public Stunt To Return Focus To Invisible Dry Range

Rexona Uses Public Stunt To Return Focus To Invisible Dry Range

Rexona has executed a consumer stunt in Sydney’s Macquarie Shopping Centre and used the footage of shoppers’ reactions to form a new series of online videos tying into Rexona Invisible Dry, the deodorant brand’s no white marks range.

Released today, the video content sees shoppers being steered towards a construction site walkway, which features a 4K OLED screen that is ‘invisible’ until the stunt begins.  When stepped on, the screen comes to life and appears to shake, shatter and break under the pressure of the pedestrian’s footsteps.  Startled stunt-goers were thus compelled to take up Rexona Invisible Dry’s campaign message, ‘Believe in the Invisible’, in a new and interesting light.

The video content is being rolled out on Facebook and YouTube, with two 6 second boosted videos on Facebook and a 15 second non-skippable pre-roll on YouTube. Consumers also have access to a long form 90 second edit on Rexona’s YouTube channel and their website.

“The stunt kicks off our ‘Invisible’ campaign, which highlights how the Invisible Dry range protects against white marks, yellow stains and sweat and promotes the launch of new Rexona Men Invisible Dry Ice Fresh, a top seller from the UK,” says John McKeon, Rexona marketing manager.

Designed by digital content agency Mindconsole, the stunt includes sound effects and motion sensors to replicate the real-life scenario of the ground breaking, and further startle the public to ensure humorous, alarmed reactions.

“Everyone responds differently to external stimuli so we needed to ensure multiple senses – sight, sound and motion – were considered. A combination of technologies was paramount in the surprise,” says Ian Ratcliff, Mindconsole managing partner.

Mindconsole utilised the latest in 3D modelling technology in order to overcome the challenge of creating a realistic 3D model on a 2D surface. Ten cameras were used to capture reactions from every angle, ranging from GoPros hidden in the constraints of the walkway, through to manned digital cinema cameras with telephoto lenses.

The digital video content focus for Rexona Invisible Dry follows on from a successful Rexona content series in 2016, which saw fictional character Barry Ogden come to life in digitally-placed videos.

Rexona Invisible Dry is the brand’s best ever anti-marks formula to fight white marks and yellow stains, whilst also providing 48-hour wetness protection.


Client – Unilever

John McKeon – Rexona Marketing Manager

Morgan McBain – Rexona Assistant Brand Manager

Digital Content Agency– Mindconsole

Media Agency – PHD

Social Media Agency – TBWA

PR Agency – Liquid Ideas

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