Revealed: The 10 Most Influential Brands In Australia For 2017

Revealed: The 10 Most Influential Brands In Australia For 2017

Google has again hung on to top spot in the 2017 iteration of Ipsos’ Most Influential Brands in Australia – a comprehensive study measuring and ranking today’s brands in Australia.

Of the top 10, only three Aussie brands made this year’s list including Coles at number five, Telstra at nine and Bunnnings rounding out the 10.

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The Most Influential Brands study, which polled 2000 Australians, looks at key drivers that define ‘influence’ and the five complementary factors that impact influence: leading edge, engagement, trustworthy, citizenship and presence. It measured 100 brands in Australia and ranked each based on their level of influence.

Commenting on the findings, Gillian O’Sullivan, managing director of Ipsos Marketing, said: “Although the top 10 have remained relatively stable over the years, technology focused companies are rising further and further up the rankings, with 8 out of the top 10 brands in Australia being technology focused companies.

“Technology enables companies to connect with people, and connected brands are influential brands. Technology brands are also incredibly good at transcending traditional category boundaries, which means they play a role in a multitude of areas in our lives.

“Our study measures and ranks today’s most influential brands, why they are leading, which generations they influence most, how they impact us and what makes them influential.

“Visionary brands are founded on a sense of purpose that establishes stronger emotional connections. New technologies have enabled ways to capture consumer feedback, and brands that use this data are more relevant than ever before – their influence cannot be overstated. Our study reveals insights that apply to any business, large or small,” O’Sullivan said.

Study highlights: the top 10 countdown

10. Bunnings: Consistent and authentic Bunnings, the iconic Australian homeware and outdoor living company, leads all other brands in the Top 100 on the dimension of Trustworthy. In an era of great disruption and change, Bunnings have stayed committed to a single minded strategy to provide customers with a wide selection of products at low prices.

9. Telstra: Continues to lead its competitors Telstra has a continuing place in the Top 10 Most Influential Brands in Australia through its strong presence and continues to be recognised for leading its competitors and for constantly innovating.

8. YouTube: The case study in how to create emotional engagement Australians have told us in this study that YouTube is influential because it has made our lives more interesting. It has increasingly become the go to place, not only for light hearted relief from everyday life stresses, but also a source of up-to-date relevant information.

7. Apple: What will Apple introduce next? For the fourth year in a row, Apple leads as the trendsetter brand. Apple leads all other brands in the Top 100 on the dimension of Leading Edge. Australians just can’t wait to hear what Apple will do next.

6. eBay: Changed our behavior While others have followed the eBay model, eBay is the original one-to-one global trader. Brands that create new categories and new ways of doing things have great influence.

5. Coles: Gets better and better Since we started this study in Australia four years ago, Coles has continued to rise up the rankings, now sitting at number 5 in the Top 100 Brands listing. Coles leads all other supermarket brands in understanding consumer needs.

4. PayPal: Do more, and we will follow PayPal was introduced to the Top 100 Brands study for this first time in 2017 and moved straight to the number 4 position. PayPal has influenced the way we shop and is now the most trusted brand in Australia, based on this study.

3. Microsoft: Unwavering importance in our lives Microsoft has maintained its strong position in this study over the last four years. Microsoft has influence as it continues to be a brand that is really important in our lives.

2. Facebook: Established as a part of our everyday life and language| Over the past four years in this study we have seen Facebook’s presence and strength grow amongst all generations. As Facebook continues to launch new services and lead initiatives into new technologies, its influence goes from strength to strength.

1. Google: From search to household hardware Google is the most influential brand for the fourth year in a row – in Australia, across the globe, amongst all generational groups. Google continues to lead in Innovation, Originality and Reliability.


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