Retailers Struggle To Meet Expectations For Personalised Shopping Experiences Reveals Salesforce Data

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The new Connected Shopper Report from Salesforce revealed that retailers are struggling to turn data into personalised prices, offers, and products.

The report surveyed 1,600 global shoppers and over 1,000 retail executives across five continents to look at shoppers expectations vs. the current state of retail.

They found that only 32 percent of retailers can turn consumer data into an ideal personalised shopping experience.

Some other key findings from the report include that:

  • 29 per cent of shoppers are more likely to purchase from a brand or retailer when they offer a tailored customer experience.
  • Just 47 per cent of retailers have a completely defined customer experience strategy.
  • 40 per cent of shoppers say that it only takes two bad experiences for them to abandon a brand.

Area Vice President Salesforce Digital 360, Jo Gaines, said: “Customers have many more options and far less patience than ever before. They expect brands and retailers to meet them on their terms and deliver outstanding experiences, regardless of whether they are in-person or virtual.”

“As the lines blur between physical and digital shopping spaces, retailers need to have digital platforms in place that provide staff with a complete and current view of the customer, including their needs and wants, helping them to create personalised and relevant experiences.”

Alongside the mismatch between consumers expectations vs. the current state of retail, the report found other patterns of consumer behaviour.

Customers are also showing that in-person shopping is definitely not a thing of the past, as 57% of shoppers reported purchasing a product online to pick up in store. Also, 29% said they researched a product online using their phone while in-store and 25% scanned a QR code to get more info about a product.

Shoppers and retail executives also emphasised the importance of loyalty programs, in-store digital innovation, digital customer engagement, and the evolving role of in-store staff in the digital world.

Australian Retailers Association CEO, Paul Zahra, said: “The way consumers are engaging with businesses today is very different compared to a few years ago. People are browsing and purchasing the things they want with a few taps of their fingers and expect the best of in-store experiences to be delivered online.”

“The pandemic has highlighted just how important it is for retailers to have an omnichannel strategy so they can cater for customers whichever way they interact with their business.”

Salesforce are a U.S customer relationship management company who focus on issues relating to customer service, marketing automation, application development and analytics.

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