Reports: Biggest Loser Contestant Almost Eaten By A Shark

Reports: Biggest Loser Contestant Almost Eaten By A Shark

B&T’s understanding of Ten’s The Biggest Loser is that contestants are to eat less and stick to a seafood diet. Well, they whole premise almost got turned on its head when seafood almost ate a contestant. is today reporting that a kayak challenge off Sydney heads almost went spectacularly wrong when contestants were met with this eight-foot Mr Bitey in the tweet below.

And even worst news than being bitten by a shark, last night’s episode pulled a rather “thin” 450,000 viewers according to OzTam viewer numbers.

However, a spokesperson for Endemol Shine, the production company behind the show, told News that there was no likelihood of one of the show’s contestants becoming dinner for marine life.


This year’s cast

“There are extensive safety checks for all challenges prior to filming. In this case there was a qualified lifeguard, paramedic, safety officer and crew in safety boats nearby,” he said

“All contestants were monitored closely and if it was at any point deemed the contestants were at risk of injury, the challenge would have been suspended.”


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