Report: Live Near An ALDI And Your House Price Goes Up Almost $9000

Report: Live Near An ALDI And Your House Price Goes Up Almost $9000

Not only does it sell fantastic cheap plonk, but living near an ALDI supermarket is good news for house prices too, claims a new UK study.

According to a report titled My New Home and published in the UK’s The Sun, if you’ve got one of the German-owned discount grocers in your neighbourhood it can add £5,000 ($A8700) to the value of your house.

And if you’re in South Australia or WA then its even better news. ALDI’s plans in Australia – having primarily based itself in the eastern states – is to grow the business in those two states.

According to a Moody’s report from July published on B&T, ALDI’s Australian plans were “to expand its store base by around 16 per cent per year over the next two years.”

The My New Home report looked at the values properties before an ALDI arrived and then three months after the stores opening and compared them to the national average.

My New Home is a British mover and conveyancing service and its CEO Doug Crawford said of the findings: “Our own research has shown that a third of home movers chose their new property based on its proximity to shops and local amenities — and as such we are not surprised that the recent popularity of Aldi, with its cheaper lines and award-winning products, has had a positive effect on the value of local homes,”

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