Reddit: Facebook, Emojis & Beards All Plunge In The ‘Cool’ Stakes

Reddit: Facebook, Emojis & Beards All Plunge In The ‘Cool’ Stakes

Social media and news aggregator site Reddit has published its list of things its users increasingly think are uncool. And it appears bad news for some of agency land’s hallowed institutions. Read all the results here.

The results, published on UK’s The Independent news site, showed the top nine things that Reddit users felt had had their day or were increasingly out of vogue.

The Reddit ‘uncool’ list (in no apparent order):

  1. Pushing people into swimming pools (we’re all carrying too many expensive devices on us now to do it, apparently)
  2. Facebook
  3. “Keep calm and carry on” memes
  4. Emojis
  5. Gritty remarks (yeah, B&T has no idea about that one either)
  6. Beyblades
  7. Charity silicone wristbands
  8. Full beards
  9. “Me” (apparently a lot of Reddit users simply think they’re uncool)

But is it worrying news for Facebook? According to Reddit users Facebook used to be cool for things like keeping up with friends or social events. However, its becoming a bit too omnipresent and carrying too many ads. One Reddit user wrote: “I see Facebook as a tool now. It’s helpful for organising events and is basically an online contact book.” While another said: “It’s used more for following bands than writing on walls nowadays.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.01.55 am

But if people are turning off ‘Zuckerberg’s curse’ then the facts tell a different story. According to recent data by statistics site as of the June 2016 there were 1.71 billion Facebook users globally. The Statista graph above shows the social media platform’s growth over the past eight years. Sadly, B&T could not find any stats on beards or people being pushed into swimming pools.

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