Queensland Government Pulls “Racist” And “Harmful” Facebook Ad

Queensland Government Pulls “Racist” And “Harmful” Facebook Ad

The Queensland government has been forced to trash a Facebook ad for its education department after it sparked outrage from a mother of one of the kids who featured in it.

The ad, which appeared on the Facebook page of Teach Queensland on the eve of Indigenous Literacy Day, showed four young indigenous boys sitting around a white female teacher. Check out the accompanying caption:

Teach Queensland Facebook ad [1]

The ad quickly drew a ton of criticism online, including from a mother of one of the boys who appeared in it, Dr Chelsea Bond…

Speaking to ABC News, Bond said she did not give consent for her son to feature in the ad, describing it as “racist” and “harmful”.

Teach Queensland took to Facebook the day after the ad was posted to inform followers that it had been removed, and apologised for the offence it caused.


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Advertising Standards Bureau Dr Chelsea Bond Principal Sponsor Teach Queensland

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