Pixelated Dogs Confess All In New Schmakos Campaign

Pixelated Dogs Confess All In New Schmakos Campaign

The Schmakos brand is launching an online content series featuring candid interviews with the dog breeds of Australia. Entitled ‘Canine Confessions’, the series shows dogs admitting to the tactics they use to elicit tasty Schmakos treats from their owners – from deliberately getting trodden on, to wearing tartan.

The ‘Canine Confessions’ campaign is a digital first for Schmakos, featuring a huge amount of native content on multiple social platforms – including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Ben Culligan, marketing director mars petcare said: “Schmakos has always focussed on the fun times you spend with your dog and this campaign is a celebration of the hilarious and creative things our dogs will do for treats.

The Tartan Pug (jingle) from DDB Melbourne on Vimeo.

The Afghan (jingle) from DDB Melbourne on Vimeo.

The Golden Retriever (jingle) from DDB Melbourne on Vimeo.

The Pug (jingle) from DDB Melbourne on Vimeo.

The Corgi (jingle) from DDB Melbourne on Vimeo.

The German Shepherd (jingle) from DDB Melbourne on Vimeo.

The Terrier (jingle) from DDB Melbourne on Vimeo.

The Spaniel (Jingle) from DDB Melbourne on Vimeo.

The Terrier & the Dustbuster (jingle) from DDB Melbourne on Vimeo.

“Creating quality social content, in a pragmatic way, is one of our agency’s strengths,” says DDB Melbourne creative director, Robbie Brammall. “For this campaign we shot everything in-house, and then used a programmatic approach to stitch the different executions together. The end result is lots of great entertaining content, They should go down pretty well with dog lovers on social media. I don‘t want this to sound like click-bait, but what they say next will shock you.”

The campaign launches online on the 24th August.



Marketing Director, Mars Petcare: Ben Culligan

Marketing Manager, Mars Petcare: Kate Waite

Senior Brand Manager, Schmackos: Tracy McCrohan

Assistant Brand Manager, Mars Petcare; Abby Veverka


Creative Agency

Chief Creative Officer: Darren Spiller

Creative Director: Robbie Brammall

Creative: Brett Edward, Emily Lau, Anna Stickley,

Designer: Becky Morris

Head of Onscreen: Tuesday Picken

Managing Director : Dion Appel

Business Management: Luke Osborn, Jordan Pert


Tribal Worldwide Melbourne

Digital Strategy and Development: Matthew Oxley and Aaron Sempf


Media Planning Agency – MediaCom

Planning Director: Adam Russell

Planning Manager: Jack Bavin


Media Buying Agency – Starcom


Production House: Sidekick

Director/DOP: Grantley Smith

Producer: John Sandow

Sound: Flagstaff Studios – Paul Le Couteur, Stevo Williams, Brodie Flint

Editors/Animators: Marissa Brain & Alex Badham ,Josh Cameron, Stafford Wilson

Grade: CJ Dobson

Photographer: Hugh Peachy


Special Thanks to Brodie Flint and Justin Conway for voice overs

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