Giant Willy-Shaped Weather Pattern Spotted Over Queensland

Giant Willy-Shaped Weather Pattern Spotted Over Queensland

It’s Friday, so that’s B&T’s excuse for bringing you this story which, yes, is both totally pointless and all a bit juvenile.

We love a story about the weather- last year our most read story was BBC Weather Girl a fake article in which a BBC weather presenter said it was “cold as fuck”, among other pleasantries. Seriously, we’ve had them all – boobs falling out, a phallic shaped cloud, vomiting,  camel toes, Native American headdresses and raging profanities.

Well, not pointless and juvenile if you’re a fan of weather patterns shaped like genitalia.


Apparently, the cock-shaped cloud formation is a heavy rain trough moving up from Armidale in NSW to Toowoomba in Queensland. With the regional country town of Dalby set to be drenched with a full load by the looks of things.

The stiffening weather event was reported by Toowoomba’s The Chronicle after local resident Nicko Mickle cited the phallic formation on a meteorology website and took a screen grab.

Ironically, The Chronicle has reported it failed to deliver the showers promised and everything turned out limp in the end.

As one wag to its website noted: “Looks like strong penetration rapidly moving in likely to produce extreme wet and windy conditions throughout the inner regions.”

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