Out-Of-Home Programmatic Ad Buying Comes Down Under

Out-Of-Home Programmatic Ad Buying Comes Down Under

TubeMogul, an enterprise software company for video advertising, has announced a partnership with Site Tour, an ad exchange for out-of-home media, that will enable clients of TubeMogul’s platform to buy ads on thousands of billboards, kiosks and elevator screens across Australia programmatically.

Under the integration that went live last month, TubeMogul’s software is now directly integrated with Site Tour’s digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad exchange, opening up premium video inventory – high impact screens in real world environments. Targeting is available by format (i.e. kiosk, billboard), location and day-part. The ads appear as 15-second videos. TubeMogul is the first video buy-side partner to integrate with Site Tour.

This launch unlocks a substantial opportunity for online advertisers: the ability to reach consumers in the real world with the same flexibility and targeting as they have enjoyed online.

Cadreon Australia is the first client to test the offering. Since Cadreon already centralises video ad buying through TubeMogul, the trading desk can now holistically plan video across screens, with one set of reporting and insights to inform optimisation – all within a single, unified platform.

“Making digital out-of-home more automated and data-driven has been a priority at Cadreon, and we are excited we could contribute to making it a reality,” said Marc Lomas, managing director of Cadreon. “This partnership is particularly exciting because we can now execute digital out-of-home buys alongside mobile and desktop video for the first time, delivering incremental audience using one platform for optimisation and reporting. Breakthroughs like this get us closer to a reality where all ads are bought through software.”

Upon completion of the product’s private beta in the coming weeks, the full offering will roll out to other TubeMogul platform customers.

“We are proud to help bring the benefits of automation and data-driven decisioning to outdoor advertising, giving advertisers one place to execute campaigns,” said Sam Smith, managing director of TubeMogul.

TubeMogul plans on rolling out many more features to advance this product further forward throughout the year. “This is just the beginning of our vision of unifying brand advertising across all screens.”

“Facilitating programmatic video buying of DOOH in partnership with TubeMogul is a very exciting step for Site Tour and the out-of-home industry,” said Michael Scruby, CEO and founder of Site Tour. “It’s a win win – a new audience for video advertisers and a new revenue channel for out-of-home media owners. The out-of-home sector is one of the only sectors showing continual growth, and the partnership between Site Tour and TubeMogul will only serve to strengthen it.”

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