Omnicom’s Integer Sydney To Ride Amazon Wave With Launch Of E-Commerce Consultancy

Omnicom’s Integer Sydney To Ride Amazon Wave With Launch Of E-Commerce Consultancy

The Integer Group, one of Omnicom Group’s global commerce agencies, has announced the expansion of its Digitail practice to Australia as Amazon opens for business locally.

Digitail is a suite of commerce marketing and findability solutions rooted in a deep understanding of the retailer environment, how shoppers shop online, and the role e-retailers play along the shopper journey.

Strategic, creative and operational core capabilities help clients win search, the ‘buy box’ and share of mind and wallet on and off-site – from organisational and operational readiness, to developing the perfect page for the digital shelf, to marketing, media and merchandising techniques that drive conversion and sales in an omni-channel world.

“Today, Amazon has opened in Australia, and with it comes change for both commerce and culture,” Morgan McAlenney, Digitail executive vice president and global operation lead for The Integer Group, said.

“Integer’s Digitail offering helps clients turn shoppers into buyers on Amazon and beyond. We are set up to help brands and retailers find success on platforms including Amazon including international platforms such as, Tesco, GPA, Carrefour and many more.

“So, we’re launching an e-commerce consultancy in Australia under the branded header of Digitail, leveraging our global skills, expertise and deep understanding of the Amazon ecosystem.”

Integer’s Digitail practice launched in 2008 to help clients establish strategies and go-to-market plans to both win in a complex ecosystem and scale to meet the needs of the full channel.

As a result, Integer has been recognised as one of very few Amazon ‘Trusted Creative Partners’.

Integer’s Digitail offering is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with significant regional hubs in Hamburg, Germany, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and now in Sydney, to service clients worldwide.

Wylie Fowler (pictured above), general manager of Integer Sydney (part of TBWA Group Australia, said: “The disruption Amazon represents could be seen as either a threat or an opportunity for local brands and retailers.

“We see it very much as an opportunity. By tapping into our global experience and decade of learnings, we are excited to help Australian brands and retailers thrive in what will be a new retail paradigm in our market.”

Paul Bradbury CEO, of TBWA Australia & New Zealand noted that Amazon is a sophisticated, data-rich operation, laser-focused on the customer experience.

“Vendors and brands need to understand Amazon’s complexities and motivations to be successful,” he said.

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