Taking ‘Meat Sweats’ To A New Level: Burger King Opens A Sauna

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Fast food chains have been releasing some strange marketing stunts to get people talking; KFC launched chicken flavoured nail polish, McDonald’s created a Happy Meal packaging that doubles as a virtual reality headset and now Burger King has created a 15-person sauna.

A Burger King in Helsinki, Finland is offering patrons the chance to relax in the world’s first fast food sauna. On the ground floor of the restaurant, they built a 15-person sauna for all your relaxing needs.

“A 15-person sauna area is perfect for a group of friends for social gatherings or work, venue for the birthday party, or even the organization of the show studio,” the Burger King Finland website explains. “Interior designer Teuvo Lomanin created a comfortable realm of a sauna, a laundry room, dressing room, toilet and a media lounge.”

There is a smaller, 10 person spa with its own 48-inch flat screen TV and PlayStation 4. Guests can lie on blue and orange benches wearing Burger King robes, BK crowns with the Burger King slogan, “Home of the Whopper,” plastered on the sauna walls. People can order Burger King meals- food orders can be enjoyed either in the restaurant or sauna areas.

Use of the sauna space will cost visitors €250 ($388 AUD) for three hours.

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