New Holden Trax Campaign Shot Entirely On Mobile Phones

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We all love our smartphones. And while it’s never a good idea to use them on the road, we need them with us everywhere we go, right? That’s why Holden has teamed up with creative partners AJF to have some fun exploring the seamless integration between the new Holden Trax and our biggest can’t-be-without-it obsessions.

The result? An entire campaign called ‘Mobile Made’ shot – you’ve guessed it – on a mobile phone. And we’re not just talking TV ads. Everything you see in the entire campaign was captured exclusively on mobile phones – Billboards, Out-of-home, Outdoors, Digital and Social.

Mobile Made. Made…by mobiles.

It’s estimated around 77 per cent of Australians own at least one smartphone and check them over 150 times a day. And not all of that can be cat videos, right? Holden’s general manager – marketing communications, Natalie Davey, said the campaign was a pretty radical change for Holden and the automotive industry.

“Let’s face it, your phone has become an essential part of who you are. And given most Australians are especially obsessed with their mobiles, we wanted to have some fun with this and creating the entire campaign using the camera, sound and video features built in,” said Davey.

“We’d never recommend using a mobile in the car, but working with AJF and CARstodian ambassador, Jane Lu, we were able to explore how Australians use their car and their phone together, whilst staying safe on the road.

“In the spirit of Mobile Made, the campaign is due to go live on social and digital first and we’re confident the campaign, and Trax, will both go well with Australians.”

Putting the fun in functional.

AJF creative partner and founding director, Adam Francis, said shooting exclusively with mobile phones was tough, but exhilarating at the same time – and it reflects the new spirit of forward thinking at Holden.

“We wanted to step away from the traditional ‘car ad’ and demonstrate the new thinking and new direction Holden is undertaking,” said Francis.

“With almost every member of the crew shooting with their own mobile phone under the guidance of director, Luke Bouchier, we were able to create a huge amount of content and bring it to life in a genuinely innovative way.”

This is just the beginning.

The Trax Mobile Made campaign is not the first time the Holden and AJF partnership has pushed the boundaries of automotive advertising.

“In 2016 we teamed up to challenge drivers to switch their vehicle for a Colorado at the ‘Holden Colorado Truck Swap’ and before that we challenged the male focussed advertising in the automotive industry, explicitly communicating with female customers to launch the new Holden Spark,” said Davey.

“We’re slowly shifting away from traditional car advertising – and I can tell you there are a few surprises to come.”

The Trax Mobile Made campaign went live across multiple channels on Sunday 26 February with the new Trax available in Holden dealerships nationwide now.

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