Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: There’s Not Nearly Enough TV Content

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: There’s Not Nearly Enough TV Content

The ceo of Netflix has fought back at the idea there is too much original television programming in the world, arguing there is no such thing as a saturated entertainment market.

Speaking at The New York Times DealBook Conference on Tuesday, Hastings was asked by the Times’ Andrew Ross Sorki about the idea there is too much video content in the world.

Sorki’s question was prompted by FX Network ceo John Landgraf who said earlier this year there “Is simply too much television. My sense is that 2015 or 2016 will represent peak TV in America, and that we’ll begin to see declines coming the year after that and beyond.”

Hastings couldn’t disagree more, on Tuesday he said:  “He’s wrong. There’s not nearly enough.

“You know, there’s a lot more food than ever before, there’s a lot more choice, but I think when you do great content you’re going to find viewers.

“Again, it comes back to entertainment spending. And entertainment spending has been increasing faster than disposable income for decades. And I think as we come up with new experiences, when you look at virtual reality and how that’s going to improve video gaming, you’re just seeing continued investment in entertainment.”

Here’s the full interview with Reed Hastings:

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