Multi-Screen 3D Experience for Advertisers

Multi-Screen 3D Experience for Advertisers

Mobile advertising company Amobee, has launched the availability of Amobee 3D across multiple digital devices.

Amobee 3D, the market leading 3D advertising technology, enables advertisers to create and deliver full-sensory, interactive digital ads that fundamentally change the consumer experience with a brand, delivering groundbreaking results for advertisers.

Amobee’s proprietary 3D technology has enabled prominent Fortune 100 brands, including Ford, Nokia and BMW, to create award winning mobile campaigns that resulted in three to four times increased engagement when compared to the industry average with other rich media ad formats.

“Today’s consumers live in a multi-screen world, and with Amobee 3D we strive to make the ad experience as fun and engaging as possible,” said Gil Sheinfeld, CTO of Amobee. “Amobee 3D technology is now able to deliver full-sensory, interactive digital ads across all screens, and it’s going to change the way brands interact with consumers in a very real and authentic way.”

Amobee 3D includes the following product features:

  • Full volume 3D scenes with touch and accelerometer interactivity
  • True 360 degrees of interactivity with full-volume 3D models
  • 3D animated headlines, products, buttons
  • Dynamic, interactive hotspots
  • Cutting edge visuals for a cinematic experience including enhanced shade and light functionalities
  • Customizable product colors and experiences in real-time
  • Social sharing functionality
  • App-like simulations

Video demonstration:


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