What Mothers Want: How To Tap Into The Motherhood Market

What Mothers Want: How To Tap Into The Motherhood Market

A new study has delved into the world of motherhood to find out what goes on inside the brains of this prominent, high-spending market, in particular, the millennials.

At a recent breakfast briefing, Aussie parenting website Babyology unveiled what their latest survey of 3000 mums showed about what these women want.

More than 60 per cent of millennial mums said they rely on social media to know what’s going on in the world, with Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram the biggest sources of news and information. Most use social media, especially Facebook, multiple times a day, making it a hotspot for product marketing.

Tiina Raikko of Fuel Consulting presented the research, saying “Facebook is the go to site for just about everything.

“It’s the platform with the greatest reach, and allows for connections and relationships, inspiration, and keeping up with current affairs.”

Overall, however, Raikko explained the survey results showed that their kids weren’t as high on the concerns list as you might think.

The top five concerns mothers have are household finances, housework, time for themselves, exercise and fitness, and lack of sleep.

“These concerns come ahead of their concerns about children,” she said.

“That’s not to say they don’t care about their children, but it’s really all about money, time, me and my relationship.

“But as marketers, how do we tap into what women themselves want?”

Well for starters, 75 per cent of mothers agree that they don’t put their own interests on hold because of kids, so we can stop thinking that all mums care about are nappies and strollers.

“Outside of social media we asked women what they look at more generally online, and the focus is shopping,” Raikko said. “Shopping is the big one – we like to browse, we like to look at online stores.

“If we put our marketing hats on, it’s very exciting to see that shopping comes in so high.”

Five in 10 mothers say they are more online than in actual shops, while nine in 10 say they start with the web before doing anything else. Another seven in 10 say they like to research before they buy, and 40 per cent even said they would be happy to buy everything online if they could.

In the last month, the mothers surveyed had looked at new cars, property, insurance, travel and telco providers, which Raikko said is clearly “a lot of time spent online that’s far away from baby products”.

Property, insurance and holidays or travel came in as most searched for online (80 per cent), followed by cars (70 per cent) and mobile phone providers (70 per cent).


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