Mobile Ad Spend Dwindles As Mobile Market Surges

Mobile Ad Spend Dwindles As Mobile Market Surges

While everything is going mobile, marketing teams are still placing more ads on desktop than on mobile devices, says new research from programmatic company Rocket Fuel.

And with the ubiquitous notion of cross-device, Rocket Fuel argues marketers aren’t taking full advantage of the way people use media now.

“It’s well known that consumers are switching between smartphones, tablets, and computers throughout the day,” said JJ Eastwood, APAC managing director for Rocket Fuel.

“Consumers routinely conduct research on one device and take action on another. They’re not tied to one device, so why are marketing plans? Marketers need a solution that looks at people not devices.”

Still, it’s worth noting marketers need to create good ads for mobile, given ad-blocking is on the rise and mobile carriers are allowing customers to block mobile ads.

Nevertheless, the research suggests the population’s using on average 3.3 devices every day, and that mobile devices have overtaken desktop as the most used.

The message for Eastwood – and many others versed in a similar matter – is that marketers need to adapt.

“Marketers need to adapt to a new world where people use different devices for different purposes, and the time spent on mobile devices has now overtaken desktop,” he said.

“Having a complete view and understanding of the consumer journey gives marketers the power to connect with people, not just their devices, and to make advertising more relevant and useful to consumers.”

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